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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I begin to work with Insential's Source 1 Benefits division? There is a brief questionnaire and a producer agreement required prior to binding coverage.

Click here to download the Retail Agent Questionnaire and Agreement, or click here to download the MGA Questionnaire and Agreement.

2. Is Insential’s name shown on the quotes that you provide retail agents? Our quotes and comparisons can be customized to fit your needs.

3. How are you able to increase the retail agent’s commission? Based on our volume and carrier relationships we have negotiated a separate revenue arrangement so that we can pass along all the commission to the retail agent.

4. Are you really paying me a full commission? Not only are we offering a full commission, but in many cases a higher commission based on a "flat commission" versus "graded commission schedule."

5. How is it possible to work through Insential and not impact the retail agent’s revenue goals, or bonus’/contingencies, if they already have access to the carrier’s you use? Based on our status as a "General Agent" you will be listed as the producer of record on all business we bind on your behalf. Hence all premium is attributable to you and eligible for bonus/contingencies—where applicable.

6. Do you provide plans for retiree groups? We do provide ancillary group benefits plans for retiree groups with sponsoring/governing bodies. Please contact us for further details.

7. How are you able to improve the coverages for my clients? Based on our blocks of business and the resulting relationships we have with our carriers we have assigned underwriters that we work with us on designing the best coverages for all of our client’s business.

8. If I am a property & casualty agent how can you help me begin writing ancillary benefits coverages for my clients? This is a perfect and easy way to gain an entre into the benefits part of your client’s business. We will do the "heavy lifting" for you and train you so that you can answer the proper questions and continue managing the relationships.

9. Do I have to be a current property & casualty producer for Insential in order to access your benefits services? You do not have to be a property & casualty producer to access our benefits coverages. We certainly hope that you will avail yourself of the full array of products and services that Insential has to offer.

10. Can you provide your services to agents in all states? Yes we can. Unlike medical plans, all our plans and services can be sold across state lines. This gives your clients the best plan options to choose from. Attached are the census criteria and generic RFP.