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Benefits - Services

Coverage Comparisons – We provide side-by-side coverage comparisons for each line of coverage so that you can recommend the best coverage solutions for your clients.

Installation – We provide service installation assistance for your client on your behalf with the carrier’s representative if needed. We won’t leave you after the sell is done.

Endorsements and Service Issue Support – We have dedicated service reps to assist you and your client in dealing with any service issues that may arise with the carrier(s). Again, we won’t leave you after the sell. Our continued service will again allow you to focus on the post sell service needs of the medical coverages.

Third Party Administration – We provide third party administrative services for our groups that includes:

  • Presenting the Product/Program
  • Board Presentations
  • Establishing the Benefits Program
  • Enrolling The Members
  • Customer Service
  • Billing
  • Compliance

Retail Agents – Search your "sphere of Influence" to uncover access to these groups and let’s get started. There are no added costs or headcount for your organization, just quality service from Insential's Source One Benefits division and enhanced benefits for the group’s members. Click Here to see the types of group endorsements we serve today.

Retiree Group Programs - Can consist of Labor Unions, Associations, and Fraternal Organizations – We offer group ancillary benefit programs for Labor Unions, Associations and Fraternal Organizations. Each customized plan is endorsed by the group and typically does not require any legislative actions. Their endorsement is a recommendation to as an optional insurance plan. The group’s plan provides group purchasing power to members, without incurring any additional out-of-pocket costs. Individual members can then elect to purchase insurance coverage - typically at lower rates than they could find as individuals. All through our Third Party Adminstrative Services.

AlI we need is an introduction to an association executive, group attorney, influential member, or other access point and we will do the rest.